Saturday, September 1

Wow September already

where did the summer go? we had such fun! Who wants to put their shoes on? not me my friends!

 We made wonderful memories, that will help us get through the long cold winter.

 Soon the kids will be back in school and all the visitors will be gone.
and our little Island, and life will get back to normal.

There will be a few more beach days, how many is hard to say? but I'd be happy to get just one more in!

 This fall is going to be a busy one... making pickles, hiking the trails, taking the in fall colours, apple picking, getting that perfect pumpkin, and of course knitting! I have a ton of projects that I can't wait to get started on.

Cari has been using my Ravelry account, and has been very busy adding to the queue, lots of knits for Julia. and there is a few knits I want to knit for myself.

I also want to do some sewing and I'm considering taking the Aqua Zumba classes at the pool, they sound like a fun way to stay fit! Yep, it's going to be a busy fall indeed!

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