Friday, February 1


I joined my first knit along of 2013, and although it officially starts today, this sweater begged me to be started as soon as I saw it!

 I have to say it has been a pure pleasure knitting this. Such an adorable knit. The pattern was designed by Megan Grewal  of Little Lamby knits aka thewittyknitter on ravelry . She wrote this pattern with easy to follow instructions, so even if you have lots of distractions while knitting this, you won't get lost. (I know this first hand) lol,

The members over at little lamby knits are great people!

Belle & Beau

Belle & Beau by Megan Grewal


12 months
Needle and yarn

US 7 - 4.5 mm

less than 2 skeins 

I hope Julia gets to wear this lots, before growing out of it! but the good news is the pattern is written with larger sizes, yay!


Ruth said...

Really great sweater and just perfect for a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Love the sweater !!