Tuesday, September 10

show and tell

Wow September 10th already... the temperature has changed around here, much cooler in the evenings and mornings,  I put up some mustard pickles on Saturday, made 10 small jars and 2 large jars. should get us through to March. I'm really hoping I get to make some chow-chow this year, I haven't made it for a couple of years now, and I miss not having it! 

I've worn my CPH a couple of times now, lovin it! definitely going to make myself another one! made a few hats and a baby blanket since I last did an up-date I find I do a lot more knitting this time of year, I think it's because I spending more time inside? anyway here are some pictures and links to the project notes on Rav.

                                                  Seamless Salomas Slippers

Barley for Mother and Daughter they are so adorable!

                                                                Oats cowl 

                                                               and Malt.

all from The Simple Collection by tin can knits. I can't wait until they release the next pattern!

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