Tuesday, March 18

some FO's to show

Had a great week of knitting  I started and finished 4 projects

First up The Fruit Cozies- that I made for Julia to use for a purse
Rav notes here

Another pair of Rye- what can I say I know what I like Rav notes here

The hood hat Rav notes here I would have loved to get a picture with Julia modeling it but she refuses to wear it! oh well,
and yes another pair of Rye this pair a toddler size
notes here so if you're counting that's 6 pairs with more to come I'm sure! yup I already casted on pair #7

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Shelley L. Snyder said...

Great items! Congrats on getting so much completed. I'm like you, when I find a pattern I like (a "go to" pattern), I end up knitting it several times.