Wednesday, June 18

June is Flash the Stash.

So recently the gals over at the Must Stash podcast has declared the month of June "Stash Flash" the month to show off your stash, well before Ravelry I had never heard of a yarn stash, if I wanted to knit something I would buy a pattern, then the yarn it required, whatever was left over after the project was completed I would throw in the bin.

But that seams like such a long time ago now, and having gone through 7 years of gaining a stash and then de-stashing it each Spring... this is what I call my stash. I smugly say I don't hold on to yarn long!

ok...ok... I also have a few rubbermaid bins in my bedroom, filled with yarn that my very thoughtful family have gifted me over the last few holiday,. that is waiting to be organized. I'll get to it soon.


CelticCastOn said...

lol nice try! I knew you had more than that ;)

Carol said...

;) Ha ha Kelly, but I am trying