Tuesday, September 23

Happy Fall!

Wow it's Fall...where did the time go? we had such a fantastic summer here on the Island full of exciting adventures and fun family times. I did a ton of knitting too

first off was jacquard stripe socks
Little Julia's favourite books are the Kipper books and this is my attempt at knitting one for her Rav notes here 
Owl puffs I am making them to give out as Tree ornaments notes here

Julia's Birthday sweater rav notes

   more socks rav notes here

a knit a long with Mel notes here

My favourite sock yarn

rav notes here

and last but not least the fabulous bakery bears rav notes here

I also did some canning last week homemade Chow and yummy yummy mustard pickles.
I am looking forward to thing's slowing down just a bit and taking time to relax I hope I'll be able to keep the blog up with more frequent posts.


Anonymous said...

everything looks awesome and great to see you blog again !! knitting is awesome

Carol said...

Thanks so much I hope to blog more often! :)