Saturday, September 12

well look who's back

That's right I'm back... we had an awesome fun filled summer, with tons of beach, water park and pool days. I am sure these days will keep us going all winter long. I was able to hide away and knit.
 I don't think one day went by that I didn't pick up the needles and knit on something, even through the month of August where we had record high temperatures.


how I make-my-socks-5






I also have a few projects that are still being worked on, Cozy Memories blanket
Baker Street this is a free pattern from knitty fall 2015
So my plans for this blog is to try and do a post a week, this will be a challange for me but I shall try my best!


Becky G said...

I love your blanket! I am making one, too and have some of the same yarn in mine.

Carol said...

Thanks Becky I love this blanket too I'm trying to work on it as much as possible I think it might take a decade to finish it though

Shelley L. Snyder said...

I love the blanket as well (the other items are gorgeous too). Where did you find the pattern for it? I've been seeing them on Instagram and thinking I'd like to start one with leftover sock yarn.

Carol said...

@Shelley this is the pattern I am using to make my blanket

Anonymous said...

welcome back, all your knitting is awesome as always !!