Sunday, December 27

2016 knitting goals

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, we did here I was spoiled rotten again this year.

We had a fantastic day with all of the family, the kids were full of excitement and wonder, they are at the perfect age for christmas,

I'm just sitting here now getting caught up on a few podcast and they are all talking about the past year in knitting and their plans for the new year ahead.

Last year was an epic knitting year for me, 2015 knits
14 sweaters,
11 pairs of mittens,
12 hats,
12 pairs of socks.
a cowl. Started a cozy memories blanket on the first day of summer and managed to get 56 squares in. (17,122 meters in 50 projects) 

Thinking ahead to 2016 and my knitting goals, I want to do at least
2 blanket squares a week.
Knit 2 sweaters,
12 pairs of socks,
 6 hats (little Dylan has been waiting 2 years for the Pok√©mon hat this year for sure!)
 6 pairs of mittens,
 I am also planning on taking part in Hudson Valley knits (Mimes)Senior love a long I want to make 12 washcloths for that.

I hope to you have a safe and happy new years eve and I hope to be around more in the blog in the new year.

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