Monday, February 1

it's February already

I can't believe it's February!!! where is the time going? it seems to fly.

here is what I've been up to so far this year in knitting...from January 1 to 31.
Balaclava for Dylan Family Balaclava in 8ply Patons #C46

Nana's sweater Harvest The Simple Collection.
Replacement hat Pussy Cat Patons #98, Family Headwear & Scarves.  
Leg warmers Easy-Peasy Leg Warmers Little Lamby Knits.

 January socks 2016 How I Make My Socks Susan B. Anderson.

Handbrake Kay F Jones.

and last but not least I finished the 
Pokeball Hat Sasha Stavsky
I'm afraid I didn't show my cozy memories blanket any love last month, I was babysitting at Cari's and left it behind, I must remember to get it next time I'm over there. 

On a more personal note I had a Doctor appointment in January and my blood pressure was still higher than he'd like it to be, so he put me on a low sodium diet and recommend the I stop drinking Pop (soda) I was drinking 3 cans a day,  well it's been 22 days since I had a diet coke and honestly I don't miss it at all, and my bp has come down, so win win!


Jann LeClair said...

Wonderful pair of socks, and handbrake by Bryony Bears. Their podcasts are awesome...

Carol said...

@Jann LeClair thanks,
you're so right about Dan and Kay their podcast is the best.