Wednesday, March 15

March 15th

It's a beautiful day here today, and that "big storm" that was forcasted to hit the island yesterday, never happened, thank goodness,
just didn't want to be shoveling snow this late in the winter,
I mean, come on its only 5 days to the first day of spring!

I've have had a real quiet week didn't really do much of anything.
I did worked on a few ornaments for the yearofornaments knit a long, my intention is to knit up 3 boxes of ornaments, one for myself and the other two for my girls.
 If I every figure out my pictures issues, I'll edit this post to add photos of them, they are so cute.
I also have a pair of simple house slippers on the needles I love having these on the needles it's nice to have a bunch of them in a basket by the door so visitors have something to slip on their feet.
 Next Monday is the start of march break here and I'm going to have the grandkids here for the whole week, so I'll have to come up with a plan to keep them occupied, there will be a bit of baking and a few crafts I've pined from Pinterest, and a lot of board games. Maybe a trip to a indoor playground and a movie. and then in April I'll have 3 of my grandsons for a week long sleepover while their parents go down to the Dominican for a well deserved holiday. I hope I can make it a fun stay for the boys and the won't miss them too much. Yeah so that's my plan anyway. I hope you had a great week and I'll talk again soon bye

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