Friday, March 10

So what have I been up to...

I was just sitting here working on a new pair of mittens for myself, using some patons kroy from deep deep stash, I lost the ball band but I'm sure it is Called gray brown marl, a very popular colour back in the day, although it's March it's still cold enough to wear mittens, especially when I'm going for my walks.
The pattern I'm using is a new one from tincanknits, I believe it is Called "worlds simplest mittens" I'll try to link it here,   an awesome pattern, any size, any weight yarn...and it's "free",how great is that? I can't seem to publish photos on here anymore, If you can tell me how to get instagram pictures or how to up load from my iphone that would be fantastic but all my pictures are on instagram I'm nannapei there, so if you want to see my finished pieces that's where you'll find them.

I finished my March socks earlier in the week, made from more deep stash patons kroy, again not sure of the colour name? The pattern I used has become a favorite of mine called the blueberry waffle, just a 4 row pattern repeat and I find them them a very comfortable sock to wear.

I'm still doing the DASH diet feeling great. I think it's become my new lifestyle, I don't even think about it anymore, it comes as second nature to me. Not noticing any pounds coming off when i get weighed however I do see a difference in the way my clothes fit me now so much looser,

I even had to go down two sizes since last summer. I've managed to stay away from diet pop which I thought was going to be so hard for me, but I realized I didn't even like the taste of the stuff,  it just became a habit and I haven't had a cup of coffee since January 2016 and I was a huge coffee drinker. I did however switch to tea but a healthier decaffeinated decision I made in a long time,just wish I had made it sooner. As for my exercising I started doing free weights 3 times a week and I try my very best to get out a take a walk in the morning and then again after supper before I settle in to watch coronation street and pick up my knitting.  Well that's about it for now I'll be back soon fingers crossed. Until then keep safe and love what you are doing.

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